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PGC’s Provincial Scholarship Program
Pursuant to the mission of Gov. Jonvic Remulla Jr. to improve the standard of living and literacy and to enhance the capability of the citizenry, especially the youth. The Provincial Government of Cavite as a First Class Province in the Philippines provides educational assistance to all students whose families are financially incapable of supporting their education.
In partnership with the Landbank of the Philippines, Trece Martires City branch, 1,455 students were awarded scholarship grants for the first semester of Academic Year 2012. The new PSP on-line electronic system of application via ATM Cards made the public service easier and faster.
Qualified applicants were screened using the Provincial Scholarship Online Application Program that aims to provide a prompt, efficient and transparent selection process. It seeks to maximize modern technology’s potential in fostering efficient use of resources and providing more effective public service.
The Provincial Scholarship Program headed by former Trece Martires City Vice Mayor Alvin S. Mojica encourages the students to study harder and maintain their high grades in pursuing higher education for the betterment of their life as individuals and their family

Providing scholarship / education assistance is one of the priority project of Gov. Jonvic Remulla Jr. since he assumed office as the Provincial Governor of Cavite in July 1, 2010




       The Provincial Government applauds the determination and perseverance of Ailyn Pantastico and the thousands of other indigent Caviteño students who, despite the long lines, patiently and tirelessly wait for their scholarship applications to be processed, to be able to pursue their education. It is in recognition of their efforts and dedication that the Provincial Government is now launching the Provincial Scholarship Online Application Program.

       The Provincial Scholarship Online Application Program aims to provide a prompt, efficient and transparent selection process in awarding college scholarship grants. It seeks to maximize modern technology's potential in fostering efficient use of resources and providing more effective public service. This is parallel to the Provincial Government's goal of adopting innovative methods to improve our systems and better serve our constituents.

       It is my earnest desire that through this link in the world wide web, our country's future trailblazers will become more inspired to strive for academic excellence and more empowered to take hold of their future. Let us take this essential step towards realizing our vision, "Cavite: First Class, World Class!"



      Warm Greetings from the PSP Secretariat!

      Welcome to the Electronic Provincial Scholarship Program Website (E-PSP) of the Provincial Government of Cavite.

      This scholarship program is one of the priority projects of Governor Jonvic Remulla since he assumed as the Local Chief Executive in July 2010. This will provide every qualified student residing in the province and presently enrolled in the Tertiary Educational Institution a scholarship grant of Five Thousand Pesos (Php 5,000.00) per semester. The fund for this project is incorporated in the annual budget of the Provincial Government of Cavite. This system is almost fully electronic, client-centered, very convenient and demonstrates the highest degree of transparency and accountability on all process - from application to the distribution of the scholarship grant.

      This system was conceptualized to lessen the burden of students who waited for so long to avail of the scholarship grant from the Provincial Government of Cavite. There is no need for students to wait and to fall in line for a very long time just to get an application form and to avoid similar incident wherein a certain "Ailyn Pantastico" died due to a vehicular accident on her way home after waiting overnight at the PSP secretariat just to get a PSP application form. This endeavor is dedicated to all students, like Ailyn, who are doing everything to finish their college education.

      This process is also on way of giving back directly to our fellow Caviteños, especially the youth, the taxes paid by the people in a form of scholarship. We believe that if they are able to continue their college education, equip themselves academically and become productive and contributive citizen of our province, they will be our active partners in maintaining our status as Cavite first class, world class.

      Again, to all of our "Isko ng Lalawigan" set your goals and objectives, give your best shot, and do everything to achieve it, and believe me, you will become one of the most respected members of your community, a pride of our province and asset of our beloved country.

Chairman PSP Secretariat
DPA Student, UP Diliman


2010 - 2011 2nd sem  Scholarship Assistance  March 12, 2011 2,875 14,375,000.00    -
 Educational Assistance      
2011 - 2012 1st sem  Scholarship Assistance  June 1, 2011 299 1,495,000.00   
 Educational Assistance      
  2nd sem  Scholarship Assistance  Junuary 21, 2012 1,223 6,109,750.00    -
 Educational Assistance      
2012 - 2013 1st sem  Scholarship Assistance  July 22, 2012 587 2,935,000.00   
 Educational Assistance      
  2nd sem  Scholarship Assistance   425 2,125,000.00  12,899,725.00  12,899,725.00 
 Educational Assistance   5,817 10,774,725.00 
2013 - 2014 1st sem  Scholarship Assistance  March 13, 2013 773 3,865,000.00  9,950,417.42  14,045,411.37 
 Educational Assistance   3,305 6,085,417.42 
  2nd sem  Scholarship Assistance  July 27, 2013 521 2,605,000.00  4,094,993.95 
 Educational Assistance   271 1,240,702.00 
 Add'l Educ. Assistance   23 77,500.00 
 Voucher   9 171,791.95 
TOTAL =  51,859,886.37   

Do you think you are qualified and interested to avail this Provincial Scholarship Program (PSP)?       APPLY NOW!     

 Verify your Name here  (Note: Name with Ññ please use Nn. Thank you! )



Applicants will be evaluated according to their grades and the names of qualified students will be announced/posted in website after the application period.


  1. Request letter addressed to Hon. Juanito Victor C. Remulla, Jr., Provincial Governor
  2. Copy of Birth Certificate (NSO-authenticated or Local Civil Registry copy)
  3. Copy of Registration Form for CURRENT Semester/Trimester, Academic Year 2014-2015 (Note: Please bring original for verification.)
  4. Certified True Copy of Grades from the previous semester/trimester duly signed by University/College Registrar, with dry seal if applicable (Note: Photocopy of class cards will not be accepted.)
  5. Original Barangay Clearance with dry seal (if applicable) and signature of Punong Barangay and applicant
  6. Original Certificate of Indigency from Barangay or Municipal/City Social Welfare Office
  7. Photocopy of valid ID (school ID duly countersigned for the present semester/trimester OR any government-issued ID)

  Kindly check the website regularly for further announcements.  Thank you!


Date posted: July 21, 2014
  To all PSP qualified applicants submission of requirements is extended until Friday - July 25, 2014 at PSP   Secretariat Office.

  Below is the list of qualified students. Kindly submit your requirements from July 3 to 18, 2014 at PSP   Secretariat Office.
  Abad, Merry Joy B.
  Abad, Violeta T.
  Abadiano, Julie Ann  M.
  Abucejo, Janine N.
  Abuda, Dhale G.
  Acuesta, David King A.
  Agcaoili, Mariz Thel V.
  Aguila, Anna Jean A.
  Aguilar, Alyssa Bianca B.
  Aguilar, Claudine V.
  Aguilar, Johne Patrick Oriel Y.
  Aguinaldo, Carlo E.
  Alamag, Michael D.
  Alana, Dan Jansen T.
  Albotra, Raflorence A.
  Albotra, Russel A.
  Alcairo, Riolyn P.
  Alcalde, Jocelyn N.
  Alcazar, Renz Kevin M.
  Aldana, Kenneth Robert E.
  Alejandro, Dahren G.
  Alianza, Jysebhel B.
  Altar, Jannmei Pauline A.
  Altares, Donna Claire A.
  Alura, Rachel Ann A.
  Alzo, Charlene B.
  Amaya, Sarah O.
  Ambat, Ruffa Mae M.
  Ambion, Heidee Danisse A.
  Amil, Joanah G.
  Amorante, Clarisse A.
  Amores, Maricar A.
  Amparo, Carissa C.
  Amparo, Dahlia C.
  Ancheta, Jasper Dwight A.
  Anda, Jeraldynne E.
  Andaleon, Ivy Grace M.
  Andaya , Carmelyn L.
  Andra, Krizia Mae C.
  Andres, Mari Mar N.
  Angeles Jr., Ricky Jay O.
  Anilao, Jon C.
  Anilao, Mark Darryl C.
  Anilao, Olga  C.
  Antiniolos, John Gil P.
  Apiag, Rosana Q.
  Apolinario, Nino Rapael L.
  Aquino, Guiller Mena R.
  Aquino, Ivy Rose S.
  Arasan, Noriel B.
  Arbolado, Anna Kristina V.
  Arcadio, Jeany B.
  Arcenio, John Raphael A.
  Arciaga, Stephanie G.
  Arellano, Ma. Carmela D.
  Arica, Kristel N.
  Arnado, Norjane L.
  Arquiza, Julienette M.
  Arroyo, Castle Ann C.
  Asahan, Dana Marie G.
  Austria, Shaira J.
  Ave, Paula Xena M.
  Avecia, Rodjallin M.
  Avendano, Kristel Joyce D.
  Baes, Haifa Dennise D.
  Bajada, Ronnelyn O.
  Balaba, Joel L.
  Balan, Judy Ann A.
  Ballao, Michelle Anne S.
  Ballesteros, Jennifer F.
  Baltazar, Jaymie L.
  Baltero Cruz, Ian Segrid R.
  Banag, Prince Carl P.
  Banate, Ritch M.
  Bandivas, Alec John T.
  Banes, Romalyn O.
  Barco, Sheena N.
  Barzaga, Alyssa Garry M.
  Basada, Dixie B.
  Basco, Czarina M.
  Batiles, Kieren Roevi A.
  Bautista, Jayce James E.
  Bautista, John Wesley U.
  Bautista, Judy Anne U.
  Bay, Ricardo Jr. M.
  Bayas, Mel Aivi A.
  Bayas, Mel Eilyn A.
  Bayot, Jaysee Q.
  Bedua, Camille F.
  Bendo, Bryan N.
  Berdos, Carol Joyce G.
  Bernabe, Rogie M.
  Bernardino, Honorio N.
  Besa, Maria Isabel P.
  Besana, Fraulein L.
  Bibal, Pearl Joy E.
  Bienvenida, Mercy G.
  Billones, Eimeren V.
  Bilugan, Quennie M.
  Bintol, Princess Jean R.
  Bobadilla, Moselle Hannah P.
  Borja, Maicah C.
  Borja, Riza C.
  Borlaza, Jomelyn E.
  Bradbury, Sherilyn V.
  Bricio, Alejandro G.
  Brosas, Anne Laurice B.
  Buena, Abigail A.
  Buhat, Bernadette M.
  Bungay, Ronafaye Shaira V.
  Bunyi, Bianca Jasmin R.
  Butawan, Joney Mae V.
  Caballero, Karen V.
  Cabral, Beeberly D.
  Cabrera, Kim Paulo C.
  Cadavero, Elijah Mae L.
  Cahigan, Alyssa F.
  Cairme, Elza B.
  Calano, Angelyn A.
  Calderon, Abegail D.
  Calderon, Joshua D.
  Calubayan, Jaycob O.
  Calunsad, Gersalina T.
  Camia, Rogini P.
  Campanero, Deborah T.
  Capilos, Jr., Nestor T.
  Caraan, Christel Hansley C.
  Cardines, Jomar C.
  Carlos, Carlo John D.
  Casanova, Frances Joy L.
  Casapao, Anne Charmaine A.
  Castillo, Princess A.
  Castro, Samuel M.
  Catubao, Kristine Mae B.
  Catura, Carla Angelique L.
  Cenizal, Andrea Mae E.
  Cerda, Neil Kevin B.
  Cernitchez, Vivien Leigh  D.
  Chua, Dhenmar E.
  Claro, Mikee M.
  Climacosa, Janine A.
  Colada, Joanikka Mae C.
  Colina, Mary Ann S.
  Collantes, Kenneth M.
  Collera, Jerric T.
  Colocado, Kent Bryan S.
  Combinido, Mary Rose Devine B.
  Comia, Mariane Roma T.
  Concepcion, Krislyn A.
  Concepcion, Matt Javee S.
  Contado, Anjanet Rose M.
  Coronel, Charlene-Harbie B.
  Cortez, John Jeric R.
  Costa, Anilyn M.
  Costales, Gino M.
  Cotoner, Rebecca Jean M.
  Crescini, Marcelino L.
  Cruz, Louwella Mari S.
  Cruzada, Airamae A.
  Cuartero, Ma. Kathrina Jane A.
  Cueno, Ariane Joyce E.
  Custodio, Sarah Mariz P.
  Dadivas, Daisy B.
  Dagta, Shaimie Ann M.
  Dajac, Jezza Mae S.
  Dasalla, Ahllan Calvin G.
  David, Jhoanna Rose D.
  De Guzman, Czarina Catherine A.
  De Guzman, Debbie B.
  De Guzman, Jayvee John Louie A.
  De Guzman, Meljie R.
  De Lara, Jenelyn P.
  De Lima, Dayanara P.
  De Lima, Diandra P.
  De Mesa, Rica Anne L.
  De Silva, Valerie Joy D.
  De Torres, Melanie N.
  De Vega, Izzah Marie A.
  Del Rosario, Ginalyn C.
  Del Rosario, Nemuel Joy C.
  Del Rosario, Veenuz Margarette C.
  Dela Cruz, Angeli S.
  Dela Cruz, Angelo P.
  Dela Cruz, Daniyara Krystel Y.
  Dela Cruz, Jennine C.
  Dela Torre, Clarisse Jane P.
  Dela Vega, Charmaine A.
  Delen, Mico Joy T.
  Delica, Ardel E.
  Dello, Eduvejes D.
  Dellosa, Nixon G.
  Delos Angeles Jr., Joel S.
  Delos Reyes, Jeremiah V.
  Deluz, Bianca Mae S.
  Deluz, Mikka Marie S.
  Detruz, Leah Camille S.
  Dilig, Ruth Anne R.
  Dionisio, Sharmiene A.
  Distrito, Krisha Mae J.
  Dizon, Vicky Zina S.
  Dulay, Larizza D.
  Dumali, Katrina Camille S.
  Ednacot, Elaine D.
  Elaurza, Clarize M.
  Emberador, John Lexter L.
  Engada, Regine Joy L.
  Enquito, Patrishia Marie V.
  Enriquez, Michael P.
  Episioco, Angelito Jake -.
  Erni, John Allen  C.
  Escalante, Jerlyn Mae H.
  Escobar, Divine Grace C.
  Escopete, Mark Jason S.
  Esguerra, Wendy Lynne P.
  Espanta, Angelou Pauline T.
  Espineli, John Carlo L.
  Espineli, Lovely D.
  Estoperes, Miraquel R.
  Estorninos, Jonna B.
  Estrada, Jolina A.
  Estrada, Samantha V.
  Evangelista, Timothy James B.
  Evardone, Donna Mae A.
  Fabiolas, Crystal Amor C.
  Fabiolas, Rose Pearlyn C.
  Fajardo, Guia D.
  Fajardo, Romar M.
  Faller, Raymart M.
  Favia, Alexis Jane L.
  Favia, Krestal Jade Paula L.
  Federoso, Clark Benedict P.
  Fernando, Michelle N.
  Ferrer, Nica Jane B.
  Ferrer, Nicole John B.
  Florendo, Biena A.
  Flores , Obeth R.
  Flores, Gladys C.
  Flores, Obeth R.
  Fojas, Lyanne Zyrah A.
  Fortuno, Leo Anthony N.
  Fortuno, Neil Lorenz N.
  Francisco, Mart Loui D.
  Gabales, Apple Rose C.
  Gagatiga, Richelle D.
  Gamara, Amber C.
  Gandia, Leslie Anne T.
  Garces, Marielle A.
  Garcia , Gino C.
  Garcia, Den Whilrex R.
  Garcia, Hanna Joy M.
  Garcia, Ryan Armel G.
  Garcia, Shiela Marie Ann V.
  Gaspar Jr., Glimar S.
  Gaza, Lovely Rose Joy C.
  Gelle, Darizzeth S.
  Gelle, Gelany Anne S.
  Gerez, Michelle Ann S.
  Go, Kolen A.
  Go, Kolen Moises A.
  Go, Michael Angelo C.
  Go, Michaela Nicole C.
  Gonzaga, Reynan M.
  Gonzales, Francis Louie G.
  Gonzales, Marjorie M.
  Gozo, Nikko C.
  Gragas, Amilyn B.
  Granzo, Kimberlyn A.
  Guirao, Renee M.
  Guisando, Geraldine V.
  Gutierrez, Miriam O.
  Hechanova, Marielle M.
  Hernandez, Camille Denise T.
  Hernandez, Dolly Jean G.
  Hernandez, Jane E.
  Hernandez, Roberto Miguel F.
  Hipolito, John Edrick A.
  Hitalla, Dan Z.
  Honor, Angelo A.
  Honrado, A-Zmyn T.
  Ico, Patricia Faith C.
  Idosora, Ernie N.
  Iglesias, John Michael M.
  Igos, Audrielyn M.
  Ilaw, Yanilyn Yen  A.
  Imperial, Laurence S.
  Incoy, Erika Mae C.
  Inocentes, Juliet P.
  Iresare, Jessica A.
  Jacinto, Aldrin Pj M.
  Jamin, Leily Ann L.
  Janolo, Ranzel Arra C.
  Jaurigue, Apple Q.
  Javier, Janelle E.
  Javier, Mcjonel B.
  Joson, Jonarson A.
  Jueves, Karen L.
  Justiniano, Cherry Ann A.
  Kamantigue, Elisha Jamelle G.
  Labitigan, Christian P.
  Labrador, Joseph G.
  Lacomba, Mariz B.
  Lacostales, Jay Vee L.
  Lagahuya, Mike Regner J.
  Lagazo, Angelica P.
  Lagpao, Ma. Christina C.
  Laguidao, Joanne Marie C.
  Lanuzo, Jan Irish C.
  Lanzona, Clint James C.
  Lapura, Melgen S.
  Lasaro, Jellie Mae P.
  Layugan, Gliezelle P.
  Lazareto, Marjorie F.
  Lemon, Mark Joseph C.
  Linson, John Vergel L.
  Linson, Maria Celeste L.
  Liveta, Raichael A.
  Lizada, Christopher B.
  Llaneta, Jaira V.
  Lopez, Christine Flor L.
  Loseriaga, Karla Mae D.
  Loyola, Phoebe Katherine N.
  Lozares, Jamieleen M.
  Lucas, Marie Danielle N.
  Lucino, Jee Christine S.
  Lujero, Kelly Wendy D.
  Lumawag, Clay L.
  Lumucso, Minnie P.
  Macawile, Karen Lynn G.
  Maceda, Loriel A.
  Madera, Wendy E.
  Madrid, Dennice T.
  Maestre, Dollie May P.
  Magbanua, Juvy Anne R.
  Magbitang, Lacy Ann N.
  Magcamit, Antonette Jean L.
  Mag-Isa, Rowen Joy N.
  Magpantay, Menchius S.
  Magpantay, Riegner V.
  Magtabog, Charlene Joyce D.
  Maligalig, Nadia D.
  Malimban, Racquel M.
  Mamenta, Juvie Ann L.
  Manalo, Katrina Louise N.
  Manansala, Rovie B.
  Manaog, Erwin B.
  Mancio, Elzelle Erika N.
  Manicio , Elzelle Erika  N.
  Margarito, Gegion S.
  Marimat, Christine V.
  Marimat, Katherine V.
  Marpega, Gemma S.
  Martin, Vanny Rose A.
  Matabang, Arminda R.
  Matias, Angelique B.
  Maur, Georgine C.
  Mayagao, Khristine Mae C.
  Mayuga, Jenica A.
  Medina, Nanette O.
  Medina, Reynalyn N.
  Melo, Amper Philip S.
  Mendez, Lorilee B.
  Mendoza, Clarie Elaine C.
  Mendoza, Mary Pearly Viv G.
  Meneses, Marie Fatima F.
  Mercado, John Lester B.
  Metin, Mark Alejandro S.
  Milallos, Carmina N.
  Miraflores, Jeanne Louise S.
  Miranda, Anne Kristine D.
  Miranda, Ruthlyn S.
  Mirano, Kristine Joy M.
  Moises, Mark Dave B.
  Mojica, Alexa Jean M.
  Mojica, Jessica D.
  Mojica, Lorabell Anne O.
  Montes, Elaine P.
  Morales, Cristhine Mae E.
  Mundala, Janeth C.
  Nartea, Leonardo P.
  Nato, Mariz N.
  Ner, Rosanel B.
  Nicolas, John Nick M.
  Nobleza, Kimberly Joy D.
  Noche, Anjoe Mhar T.
  Noche, Carmella M.
  Nuñez, Harry James G.
  Oafallas, Bryan N.
  Ocampo, Rhealyn B.
  Ocampo, Sandy M.
  Odasco, Steven Darrel O.
  Olaes, Jonas Brian A.
  Olano, Glencelle Anne C.
  Olemberio, Jonel G.
  Olesco, Jomel E.
  Ong, Jeane Carla A.
  Orcullo, Ma. Karisha Mae C.
  Ordoñez, Mary Joyce  Q.
  Ortega, Renz Jethro M.
  Ortiz, Michelle Anne C.
  Pacifico, Mike Jansen B.
  Pacis, Jude R.
  Padernos, Diego Jr A.
  Paez, Eryl E.
  Pagtakhan, Jee Almia A.
  Pahila, Jan Isaiah Y.
  Pallasigui, Angelica Irah Mari A.
  Palompo, Jaymie  I.
  Pama, John Kenneth S.
  Panganiban, Ella May P.
  Panganiban, Izagail Mae D.
  Parre, Christian M.
  Pasquel, Aizel O.
  Pastor, Charls Henry A.
  Patawi, Armilyn S.
  Pedragosa, Jericho B.
  Pega , Jessica C.
  Peje, Rhea Anne C.
  Peji, Cheska Marie V.
  Peji, Katrina Joy A.
  Penano, Paulo B.
  Pepito, Amelita J.
  Perando, Jasper Jay D.
  Perey, Khristine Anne V.
  Perez, Ana Margarita M.
  Perez, Justin V.
  Perido, John Paulo M.
  Pineda, Gelli Joyce C.
  Pinza, Ivyrose F.
  Pleto, Jenson S.
  Po, Chaylene Grace  S.
  Poblete, Rhovie A.
  Presentacion, Nivelyn B.
  Pureza, Renz G.
  Quiambao, Arlene V.
  Quicho, Jervin D.
  Quilang, Vanessa A.
  Rabacal, Emma Ruth M.
  Racelis, Melody P.
  Rada, Jervi H.
  Rada, Jerwin H.
  Rafil, Michelle N.
  Rama, Monna Lizza A.
  Ramirez, Michael Angelo M.
  Ramos, April A.
  Ramos, Hariet S.
  Ramos, Kimberly C.
  Ramos, Mariel A.
  Rapadas, Cyrene Joy L.
  Rebamba, Trecemar G.
  Regato, Ryan M.
  Reyes, Alyssa Mari A.
  Reyes, Glaiza M.
  Reyes, Janeth T.
  Reyes, Jean Aubrey L.
  Reyes, Joemari L.
  Reyes, Mary Jane  T.
  Reyes, Mary Kathe Rachel V.
  Reynono, Rosa Fe S.
  Ricablanca, Darrah Mae B.
  Riego, Gerwin -.
  Rint, Clarize May V.
  Rivera, Epielyn R.
  Rodis, Ralph Davey R.
  Rodriguez, Roselyn V.
  Roglan, Rachel Anne N.
  Rojales, Laidan Lerik C.
  Rom, Wendy Joyce M.
  Rondero, Brian Paulo L.
  Ronquillo, Ann Marielle T.
  Ronquillo, Roselene Joie L.
  Rosales, Charlene V.
  Roxas, Marc Evan B.
  Roxas, Marlon B.
  Sabale, Cellina S.
  Sabellano, James Lawrence G.
  Sagaoinit, Alyssa Marie D.
  Salac, John Maverick F.
  Salandanan, Elma V.
  Salangsang, Christine Jewel E.
  Salazar, Avigaile B.
  Salazar, Zandro P.
  Saldo, Andielie D.
  Salona, Melrose M.
  Samonte, Yury D.
  Samson, Carmel B.
  Sanawi, Al-Ikram V.
  Sanchez, Jay Kervin A.
  Sanchez, Llouela Joy V.
  Sanchez, Sheila Ann B.
  Sangil, Carmina Y.
  Sanico, Anjannette G.
  Santos Jr., Raul R.
  Santos, Abigail Aldwin T.
  Saprid, Randy Joseph A.
  Saputil, Katrina Joy B.
  Saranglao, Arlyn C.
  Sarcilla, Emma M.
  Sarte, Shiela Mae B.
  Sayuno, Cris Jonathan D.
  Secretario, Dave T.
  Segura, Ar-Jay A.
  Senica, Mar Cay P.
  Sequiña, Jenny B.
  Signo, Christian C.
  Silvano, Christian D.
  Silvano, Ryan Anthony D.
  Siman, Romeleen C.
  Sitjar, April Ann R.
  Solis, Michael L.
  Solista, Ma.Marnellie P.
  Sonio, Jeny U.
  Soriano, Carl Angelo P.
  Soriano, Mara Clear L.
  Sta. Ana, Kriszeth M.
  Suarez, Cherry A.
  Sumague, Russelle G.
  Sumarde, Larah Mae D.
  Susulin, Rose Saine S.
  Tabing, Marjunieca M.
  Talagtag, Airalene C.
  Tamio, Angelica C.
  Tampes, Marjorie M.
  Tampis, Riyah R.
  Tan, Jennifer R.
  Tangcalagan, Lea E.
  Tapawan, Ariane M.
  Tejada, Sharmaine T.
  Telesforo, John Vicson S.
  Tenerife, Bryan-Charles B.
  Tibayan, Airish P.
  Tibayan, Ma. Joy F.
  Tobias, Jhenese S.
  Toledo, Valheria Ann Mitchell P.
  Tolentino, Angel Mark S.
  Torcelino, Janelle F.
  Trinidad, Johnrel A.
  Trinidad, Ranze Harvey G.
  Tumagan, Danica Mae V.
  Tuyor, Maria Estela L.
  Umipon, Morel Dominic D.
  Untaran, Rhynalyn L.
  Vacaro, Jayson M.
  Valencia, Best Shaira S.
  Valencia, Johnoel L.
  Vargas, Jet Yves Joshua I.
  Vasquez, Marvin P.
  Velasco, Mark Lyndon E.
  Velasquez, Ralph Lester C.
  Veluz, Kathleen Joy A.
  Verga, Ericka N.
  Vicente, Vin-Zl Joy N.
  Vidallo, Antero M.
  Vilando, Jennifer L.
  Villa, Shally Mae P.
  Villafranca, Maureen C.
  Villaluz, William Lee Spencer Z.
  Villanueva , Angelica P.
  Villanueva, Jaylyn N.
  Villanueva, Natasshja B.
  Villapando, Winlyn B.
  Villapaz, Roperto T.
  Villaruel, Carmina D.
  Villena, Alyssa Camille G.
  Vince Cruz, Jonniel S.
  Vinluan, Cyrus Daryl E.
  Virata, Yyna Dañiela D.
  Visperas, Elaine C.
  Vitug, Alyssa Micah B.
  Ybañez, Brian R.

Provincial Scholarship Program (PSP)
Tulong sa iskolar ng lalawigan, muling ipinamahagi Bilang pagtupad sa kanyang adhikain na matulungan ang mga kabataan sa kanilang edukasyon, pinangunahan ni Gobernador Jonvic Remulla, katuwang and Provicial Scholarship Program Committee ...   

 A Special Project of Gov. Jonvic Remulla through the
Office of the PSP Secretariat
Chairman Mr. Alvin Mojica

Developed under the office of
Provincial Information and Communications Technology Office Headed by: Ms. CAMILLE LAUREN V. DEL ROSARIO