Getting Started

Registration of Corporations and Partnerships
Where to File?
Securities and Exchange Commission Tel: +63(2) 726-0930 to 39
SEC Building, EDSA Greenhills Email: [email protected]
Mandaluyong City Website:
Metro Manila, Philippines SEC-iRegister:
What are the Requirements?
ü Articles of Incorporation
  Ä   notarized copies; each copy should be duly signed by the Board of Directors
ü By-Laws
    Ä   5 notarized copies; each copy should be duly signed by the Board of Directors
ü Registration Data Sheet (5 copies)
ü Verification Slip (2 copies)
ü Written undertaking to change corporate name (5 copies)
ü Treasurer's Affidavit (5 copies)
ü Bank Certificate of Deposit (8 copies)
ü Authority to Verify Account (5 copies)

Registration of Cooperatives
Where to File?
Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Provincial Office or thru
Provincial Cooperative, Livelihood & Entrepreneurial Development Office (PCLEDO)
Cacodec Building, Provincial Capitol Compound
Brgy. San Agustin, Trece Martires City
Cavite, Philippines
Tel. No. +63 (46) 419-1273 & 419-0251
What are the Requirements?
ü Articles of Cooperation
    Ä   Number of Board of Directors, not less than 5 but not more than 15, always in odd number and not
      related up to 3rd degree of consanguinity and affinity
  Ä   Directors, Secretary and Treasurer included as shareholders
  Ä   Authorized Capital
  Ä   Subscribed Capital, at least 25% of the Authorized
  Ä   Paid up Capital, at least 25% of the Subscribed and should not be less than Php 2,500.00
  Ä   Signed by all the cooperators
  Ä   Documents Subscribed and sworn to before a Notary Public
  Ä   Adopted in the presence of two (2) witnesses who are not cooperators
ü By-Laws
  Ä   Mandatory Statutory Provisions
    Reserve Fund - 10% minimum
    Education and Training Fund - 10% maximum
    Optional Fund - 10% maximum
  Ä   Majority of the members must sign in the adoption of By-laws
  Ä   Signed in the presence of two (2) witnesses who are not members
  Ä   Signed by the members of the Board of Directors
ü Notarized Treasurer's Affidavit
  Ä   Subscribed and sworn to before a Notary Public
  Ä   Bank certification that the cooperative have a deposit not less than their paid up capital
ü Registration Fee
  Ä   Php 500 or 1/10 of 1% of Paid-up capital, whichever is higher
ü Bond of Accountable Officers
  Ä   Depends on the Paid-up Capital plus membership fee
ü Certification of Pre-membership Seminar (PMES)
  Ä   Optional
ü Photocopied Articles of Cooperation and By-laws NOT accepted

Registration of Business Name/Single Proprietorship
Where to Register?
DTI Cavite Provincial Office Provincial Director:  Mr. Noly D. Guevara
#36 Malihan Street Contact Number: +63(46) 416-4799 / 4164700
Zone I, Dasmariñas Email: [email protected]
Cavite, Philippines DTI Online Business Name Registration System:
Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Contact Number: +63(2) 895-3611
385 Industry and Investments Bldg. Facsimile: +63(2) 895-6487
Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue Email: [email protected]
Makati City 1200 Philippines Website:
What are the Requirements?
  ü Registration fee of Php 300.00
ü Two (2) copies 2 x 2 recent pictures of owner
ü Three (3) alternative names aside from the preferred name
ü Three (3) pieces documentary stamps
ü Application forms duly filled-up and signed by owner
ü Registration fee of Php500.00
ü SEC Certificate (photocopy)
  ü Articles of Cooperation/Incorporation (photocopy)
ü By-laws (photocopy)
ü Board Resolution authorizing signatory for and in behalf of the cooperative/corporation/partnership
ü Documentary stamps (Php 15.00)
ü Two (2) copies 2 x 2 pictures of authorized signatory (optional)
ü Application forms fully filled-up and signed
ü If an alien, he must submit the following:
  Ä   Alien Certificate of Registration;
  Ä   Accomplished DTI Form No. 17 under R.A. 7042;
  Ä   Written Appointment of Filipino Resident Agent Authority;
  Ä   Authority to verify bank accounts/bank certificates of bank deposits;
  Ä   Proof of inward remittance of foreign currency for non-resident alien and Bank Certificate of Deposit for resident alien;
  Ä   Copy of valuation report from Central Bank if investment includes assets other than foreign exchange;
  Ä   Certification from resident alien not seeking remittance of profit or dividends;
  Ä   Clearance from other involved agencies as Department of Science and Technology, Philippine National Police, etc.;
  Ä   In case of alien retailer, latest permit to engage in retail business per R.A. 1180; and
  Ä   If corporation/partnership, SEC Certificate of registration & Certificate of Authority from SEC.

Board of Investments Registration (for incentives availment under EO 226)
Where to Register?
Board of Investments (BOI) BOI One-Stop Action Center (OSAC)
Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Contact Number:  +63(2) 895-8322, 896-7342
385 Industry and Investments Bldg. Email: [email protected]
Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue  
Makati City 1200 Philippines  
Contact Number: +63(2) 890-1332, 895-3641  
What are the Requirements?
ü Applicant is required to submit the following:
  Ä   Duly accomplished application form, Form 501;
  Ä   If corporation or partnership, SEC Certificate of Registration and Articles of Incorporation/Partnership;
  Ä   If single proprietorship, certificate of Business Name with the DTI;
  Ä   For corporations, company's Board Resolution authorizing an officer to sign for and in behalf of the applicant enterprise;
  Ä   Two (2) copied of project report and supporting documents; and
  Ä   Proof of financial capacity, Income Tax Returns and/or Sworn Statement of Assets and Liabilities.
ü Fees
  Ä   Project costs not exceeding Php 4 million - Fee: Php 1,500;
  Ä   Project costs exceeding Php 4 million but NOT over Php 20 million - Fee: Php 3, 000.00;
  Ä   Project costs exceeding Php 20 million but not over Php 50 million - Fee: Php 4,500.00; and
  Ä   Project costs exceeding Php 50 million - Fee: Php 6,000.
ü Publication of Notice of Acceptance of Application
ü Deliberation by the Board/Processing within 20 working days
ü Approval
ü Submission of Pre-registration requirements and signing of Terms and Conditions
ü Payment of Fee for Registration Certificate
  Ä   1/10 of 1% Project Cost, but not less than Php 3,000.00 and not more than Php15,000.00; and
  Ä   Issuance of Registration Certificate.

Securing Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Where to File?

Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Head Office
Revenue District Office BIR National Office Building, Agham Road
Brgy. San Agustin, Trece Martires City Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
Cavite, Philippines Contact Number: +63(2) 929-7676, 927-2511
Contact Number:  +63 (46) 419-0311 Email: [email protected]
  BIR E-Services:
What are the Requirements?
ü   Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Registration;
ü   Articles of Incorporation and By-laws;
ü   Annual Registration fee of Php500.00;
ü   Mayor's Permit;
ü   Accomplished BIR Form 1903 (TIN will be issued upon completion of these requirements); and
ü   If TIN has been issued, accomplish BIR Form 2000 and pay the Documentary Stamp Fee after assessment
(would vary according to the value of subscribed capital stock).
ü   CDA Registration;
ü   Articles of Cooperation and By-laws; and
ü   Exemption Certificate.

Securing an Employer's SSS Number and Clearance
Where to File?
Social Security System (SSS) – Bacoor, Cavite Social Security System (SSS) – Tagaytay City
Goldridge Building JPD Building, Brgy. San Jose, Tagaytay City
BrgyMalumotBacoor, Cavite Cavite, Philippines
Contact Number: +63 (46) 472-2319 Contact Number: +63(46) 413-0385
Philippines Social Security System (SSS Head Office) Contact Number: +63(2) 920-6401, 920-6446
SSS Building, East Avenue, Diliman Email: [email protected]
Quezon City, Philippines Website:
What are the Requirements?
ü DTI Registration
ü SEC Registration with photocopies of their Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws
(for Partnerships & Corporation only)
ü Procedure:
  Ä Secure and accomplish SSS Form R-1 (Employer's Data Record) and
  SSS Form R-1A (Initial or Subsequent List of Employees)
  Ä Submit accomplished forms together with the requirements
  Ä For employees without SSS number, accomplish SSS Form E-1(Personal Data Record)

Securing Membership in the Government Health Care Benefits System (PhilHealth)
Where to File?
PhilHealth Cavite Service Office Philippines Health Insurance Corporation
Governor Drive, Brgy. San Agustin, Trece Martires City PhilHealth Head Office
Cavite, Philippines City State Centre, 709 Shaw Boulevard
Contact Number: +63 (46) 419-1686 Pasig City, Philippines
Contact Number: +63(2) 637-9999
Email: [email protected]
What are the Requirements?
ü Secure and accomplish the following:
  Ä Philhealth Form Er1P (Employer's Data Record); and
  Ä Philhealth Form Er2 (Initial or Subsequent List of Employee-Members)
ü For employees without PhilHealth Numbers:
  Ä Accomplish Philhealth Form M1a (Member Data Record for Employed Sector)

Securing Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) or
Certificate of Non-Coverage (CNC)
Where to File?
Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO)
Cavite Government Center Building
Brgy. San Agustin, Trece Martires City
Cavite, Philippines
Contact Number: +63 (46) 419-2474
Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Head Office
Visayas Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City 1100 Philippines
Contact Number: +63(2) 929-6626
Email: [email protected]
Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Region IV-A Office
1515 LNS Bldg., Roxas Boulevard, Ermita, Manila
Contact Number: +63 (2) 405-0002
What are the Requirements?
ü Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) or environmental feasibility study
  Ä Site Development Plan showing all facilities
  Ä Vicinity map adequately identifying the location or premises of project and
  the nearby land uses establishment
  Ä Pictures of establishment and anti-pollution devices
  Ä Anti-pollution designs and plans
ü Business Regulatory Documents
  Ä DTI Registration and/or (if applicable)
  Ä SEC Registration
ü Zoning/Locational Clearance issued by:
  Ä the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board; or
  Ä the Deputized Administrator
  (MPDC of the Municipal Government Unit where the project is situated)
ü Certification from the Local Government Unit that it has consulted its constituents and that they interpose
no objection whatsoever against the project ("Barangay and Municipal Clearance Resolution")
Note: All documents required shall be submitted in three (3) legible copies and placed in a folder

Securing Locational Clearances/Business Permits from Municipality/City Offices
where the Business will be set-up
Where to File?
1. Concerned Municipal or City Government Office
2. Municipal/City Hall  (View Directory)
What are the Requirements?
ü Renewal:
  Ä Latest Mayor's Permit
  Ä Barangay Clearance
  Ä Community Tax Certificate with Gross Receipt
  Ä Financial Statement (Partnerships and Corporations)
  Ä BIR Clearance
  Ä SSS Clearance
  Ä Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) or Certificate of Non-Coverage (CNC)
  Ä Sanitary Permit
ü Additional Requirements for New Business:
  Ä DTI Registration
  Ä SEC Registration (Partnerships and Corporations)
  Ä Building Permit and Occupancy Permit (for newly constructed)
  Ä Zoning Clearance
ü Building Permit (4 copies each):
  Ä Barangay Clearance
  Ä Building Plan
  Ä Bill of Materials
  Ä Tax Declaration
  Ä Land Title
  Ä Building & Sanitary Permit Application Form
ü Fire Safety Certificate
  Ä Certificate of Completion
ü Occupancy Permit


First Class, World Class

    The First ISO 9001:2008 Certified Provincial Government in the Philippines. ISO 9001:2008 is a set of standards and requirements for the development of a quality management system commonly applied by private corporations and organizations to help ensure that the needs and expectations of customers are adequately and consistently met. These standards also enable organizations to develop mechanisms for continual improvement of products and services.
  • sealofgoodhousekeeping NEW
    The good housekeeping seal is given to LGUs that excelled in the areas of planning, budgeting, revenue, mobilization, financial management, budget execution, procurement and resource mobilization. It also recognizes local governments that accord primacy to the principles of transparency and accountability. Recipients of the award also received one million pesos each from the DILG’s Performance Challenge Fund (PCF).
  • TROPHY-small
    Cavite was also hailed as one of the Regional Gawad Pamana ng Lahi 2011 Awardee – Provincial Category.  Exemplary performance information is drawn from the database of the on-line LGPMS, Seal of Good Housekeeping, International Organization or National Government Agency-bestowed awards and acknowledged innovations.

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